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Flood Insurance

Although individuals may think their homeowner's policy covers flood damage, it doesn’t cover flooding that originates outside the home. Flood insurance was designed to cover the damage that floodwaters can do, such as construction repairs and replacement of personal goods. At AHG Insurance Services, we can assist you in finding the right coverage to protect you against losses from unexpected flooding events.

Who Needs Flood Insurance?

Generally, people think you only need flood insurance if your home is located in a coastal area. In these areas, hurricanes and severe storms can lead to high water levels that can seep into your home structure. Because homeowner's policies don’t cover outside flooding damage, you would be responsible for the costs of replacing damaged construction materials, appliances, and personal items that were damaged by floodwater. However, homes can also experience flooding from inland waterways, unusually heavy rainfalls, and even from wildfires and measures to extinguish them. Flood insurance can be an affordable way to guard against expensive repairs that may be needed to make your home livable again.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance coverage generally provides for two categories of damage. The “building” component covers the structure itself, such as damage to the foundation, windows, electrical systems, plumbing systems, furnaces, appliances, sump pumps, and attached garages. The “contents” portion of the policy covers all your personal effects, such as clothing, furniture, electronic equipment, portable air conditioners, washer and dryer, carpets that are not installed, and artwork in your home.

Choose AHG Insurance Services For Flood Insurance Coverage in Missouri

If you have not had flood insurance coverage before, you may have questions about how much you need and other aspects. We can help with detailed information on your policy that will facilitate your decision-making. Contact AHG Insurance Services today for a free, no-obligation quote on a flood insurance policy that will protect you against expensive losses from flooding.

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