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Condo Insurance

Calamities at condominiums are uncommon occurrences, but they typically cause disastrous destruction to many units when they strike. The most paramount thing is to know that you and your family are protected when a disaster strikes in your condo. Purchasing an outstanding condo insurance policy in a reputable insurance company in Missouri is key as this will cushion you against financial burdens associated with replacing damaged or lost belongings due to perils such as fire, theft, and severe weather.

It's vital to ensure that you buy enough coverage to sufficiently cover all your personal possession. As a condominium owner, ensure that you acquire condo insurance to protect your property against theft and other damages depending on the limits and deductibles. Basing on your condo association, it possesses a policy that will only come in to replace your damaged property to a certain limit.

Therefore, it's prudent to buy a condo insurance policy to protect you and your family against property damage and inflicted body injury claims for which you may deem liable. This policy caters to payment for legal fees defense in case you are sued for a covered loss. It also extends coverage, which will pay for medical expenses incurred by a guest who is injured while on your property, irrespective of who is at fault.

If you own valuable items such as antiques, art, or jewelry, it's vital to supplement your condo insurance with personal umbrella liability insurance for further protection in the event of a covered peril. Are you a resident of Missouri and its environs? Today, visit us at AHG Insurance Services LLC offices in Missouri and get a customized condo insurance quote.

When buying a condo insurance policy, it is crucial to understand what kind of master insurance your condominium association entails and what is covered under this type of policy. A master policy usually comes into three different types. Namely:

Bare wall-in policy: This coverage covers the exterior framing of your unit as well as all the collectively owned items and structures. This coverage does not cover fixtures and appliances inside your unit.

All-inclusive coverage: It's a more inclusive option responsible for covering all the repairs to restore the unit into its former state before the property damage, including fixtures, appliances, and any other betterments that the owner of the condo may have made to the unit.

Single entity coverage: Covers all the complex property, apart from the individual owner's personal property. It covers the fixtures and appliances, but it does not cover the owner's renovations.

When buying condo insurance, it is crucial to make an informed decision regarding further coverage, depending on what is not covered under the current master policy. Feel free to call or visit our AHG Insurance Services LLC offices for more information.

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