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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boat insurance is not a mandatory requirement for operation in Missouri and because it is not required you may believe you do not need it. Here are a few important statistics from boating in Missouri.

  • In 2017 10 people died and 91 were injured in boating accidents
  • In 2017 there were 169 boating accidents and 91 of those accidents resulted in property damage

When your boat crashes into a dock or another boat who do you think needs to pay for those damages? Without proper insurance property damage and injury are paid out of pocket similar to how car accidents are handled.

Important Items to Have While Boating in Missouri

As the leaders in boating and watercraft insurance, we believe here at AHG Insurance Services LLC that it’s important to be prepared for your next boat trip here is an easy checklist of must-haves when boating in Missouri.

  • 1. Boat insurance
  • 2. Boating permit
  • 3. Title or boat registration if your boat has been in Missouri longer than 60 days
  • 4. Documented Vessel Certificate of Registration (must be obtained within 30 days of registration)
  • 5. Boater Safety Certification from the Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • 6. An onboard fire extinguisher
  • 7. Enough life jackets on board for each person to have one that fits

It is important to be safe when you are boating out in the beautiful lakes and rivers in Missouri. Don’t get caught without the important details, it may just ruin your trip with a large fine you are not ready for. While you may feel confident and safe driving a boat like a car you need to be just as prepared that others may not have the same knowledge and experience. Many boat accidents were caused by a simple lack of driving knowledge and could have been avoided. If you need boaters or watercraft insurance in the state of Missouri come visit AHG Insurance Services LLC. We will help you get the best coverage at the right price.

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